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Buy motorcycle tire

2017-04-27 15:00:55 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
  Because the motorcycle tire is consuming goods, change the tire friction on people is already accustomed to things. So, how to choose a qualified tire? Perhaps in the face of all kinds of motorcycle market on the tire you can not start, the following small share purchase experience of motorcycle tires.
  Choose a tire, the specification must not be wrong, even if the tire width narrower, specifications can be used for the specification, but if not, or not installed, or installed on not too loose. This will not be formed without economic losses. Sure the correct specifications, they should think about the width of the tire, the author thinks that if the economy permits, try to buy a little wide tires, the wide tires and ground contact surface, the grip is good, so it can transmit the driving force and the braking force is very good, so that the engine performance well, improve the driving stability, comfort and safety. Finally, we have to look at the tire tread, tire tread is still an important indicator of the performance of the tire resolution, the shape of the tire contour of its drainage and other debris out of the ability, but also affect the performance of its grasp. Therefore, it is very important to choose the proper tread pattern. The same specifications of the tire on the ten kinds of tire tread, the general should be based on the practice of the friends to choose the appropriate tire tread. If often is driving in the mountains or dirt, snow, ice road and other roads, you should choose a wide and deep ditch off-road tire tread groove pattern of tire tread groove depth and width, because, in the rotation of the wheel, centripetal force for boiling water discharge and other debris, the tire is better contact with air. If you often travel on the road, you should choose some of the tight groove, such as ring, arrow shaped, etc.. When the tire is on the road, the contact surface with the air is large, which can make driving safer than other tires. Good friends can choose high friction grip tires, while the tire wear rate is higher, but it must be a good child with high performance, whether it is drainage, or adhesion are very good, is a kind of safety tire.

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