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Disassembly technique of tricycle outer tire

2020-07-20 16:24:00 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
When repairing a tricycle is outer tire, it is also a technical work to remove the tricycle is outer tire, which can be easily removed. Inexperienced, often laborious and easy to hurt the tire, especially the inner tube.

Disassembly skills of tricycle outer tire:

1. One wheel, one valve core tensioner and two special pry bars for tire picking. Take out the valve core with the valve core tensioner, so as to greatly deflate the inner tube.

2. Step into the groove at the edge of the outer tire where you want to start another tire, and then use two tire prying bars to place the upper tire edge. Take care to protect the inner tube.

3. Be careful not to reach the valve core.

4. Take out the inner tube again when all the side openings of the outer tube are pinned out. Be careful not to move the outer tube and take out the valve until all of them are taken out..

Here small make-up to remind you that in the absence of a special crowbar, you can use the handle of a loose end wrench instead. Do not use a screw driver, because the screw driver is easy to break the inner tube.

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