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Tyre maintenance is far less simple than you think

2018-10-22 17:23:20 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd

        Why did the tire burst suddenly on the way? What happens if the tire is inflated too much or too little? To what extent do tyre grinding need to be changed? Although most owners maintain regular cars, tyres are always ignored. In fact, normal tire maintenance is usually carried out at the same time as vehicle maintenance. As the foot of a vehicle, tire plays a vital role in driving safety, so it is particularly important for tire maintenance. Tyres are worn things on the car, through maintenance to extend the life of the tire, always pay attention to the use of tires is necessary. Did we really get the right maintenance of our tires?
        1. inspection and maintenance of air pressure
        The pressure of tires (including spare tires) should be checked regularly. If insufficient air pressure is found, the hidden danger of air leakage should be checked and eliminated in time. The inspection and adjustment of air pressure should be carried out under cold condition.
        The tire pressure inspection should not only stay on the tire, but also include the valve nozzle and valve core to prevent valve aging or valve core failure caused by leakage.
        In the initial stage of the new tire, the tire outer edge size will change because of the heating of the flexion movement, which will reduce the tire pressure. Therefore, we should check the tire pressure after 24 hours, and find that the shortage of air pressure should be replenished in time.
        2. Tire appearance inspection: the appearance of the tire and rim condition should be checked regularly, such as abnormal wear, rubber cracking, drum or rim rust, deformation, etc., should be timely unloaded and taken to a professional tire shop for inspection, replacement, repair or abandonment, to avoid driving There is danger.
        3. Removal of tread foreign bodies: to often check and remove the tread and pattern groove nail, stone and other hard impurities, in order to avoid continued use of injured carcass.
        4. Tire Storage: Tire storage and handling process should avoid contact with oil and other chemicals, vehicle parking should avoid direct sunlight, water or oil pollution, in order to prevent accelerated aging of tire rubber.
        Above is the tire manufacturer for you to introduce the tire maintenance knowledge, I hope our introduction can bring you some tips and help, and if you need to come to our company to consult and order.


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