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Storage method for light truck inner tube

2019-03-22 15:06:35 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd

        The use of light truck inner tubes has brought more convenience to people. But how do we store inner tubes? What are the specific requirements and matters needing attention? The following is a detailed introduction:
        1. Packaged light truck inner tube should be placed vertically on the shelf, long-term placement of the inner tube should be rotated regularly to change its placement fulcrum, in order to avoid deformation of the inner tube.
        2. In the custody of the inner tube, the inner tube should be stored in batches according to production or storage time, first in first out, in order to use.
        3. tube should be stored in dry warehouse, to avoid sun and rain, should not be too ventilated. Large-scale inner tube warehouse should be equipped with thermometers and hygrometers, inner tube temperature should be controlled between minus 10 degrees to 30 degrees, the relative humidity of 50 to 80 percent is appropriate.
        4. When the inner tube and the wheel ring are installed together, the inner tube should be slightly inflated, so that the inner tube can withstand certain pressure.
        Proper storage of light truck inner tube can reduce the waste of resources, I hope you can store in accordance with the above way, I hope our introduction can bring you some tips and help.

Light truck inner tube

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