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Can the car tires continue to drive without gas

2019-02-22 15:06:48 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
        Car tires can not continue to run without air pipe. If you run in the airless state, it will cause the following problems:the tread of the tire is pressed by the root pressure.rotten. The steel country of the road will be damaged and deformed by contact with the hard object on the surface. If it is serious, it will damage the car.Here are a few tips to help extend the wheel.You can not speed the way you can test your life. High-speed fraud will generate too much hot black, which will accelerate tire wear and weaken the durability of the tire.Sex. Please drive at a safe and legal speed.
        Avoid fast cornering and crushing shoulders. Avoid quick start and emergency braking. Do not crush shoulders and avoid pits and other obstacles. When the vehicle is driving at a high speed, such as a tire hitting a pothole and other obstacles, the tire may cause severe crush deformation between the obstacle and the wheel flange, which may cause the carcass cord to break, and the compressed air inside the tire is The broken wire is jacked up to form a bulge.More serious, it will cause the tire to collide and rupture, the instantaneous shell is completely deflated and the vehicle may be out of control. The tires are out of gas and the tires will continue to break. It is not recommended to continue driving when the tire is under low pressure. Because the air pressure is insufficient to drive, the tire carcass will be over-bucked, the tire carcass will be over-buckling, and the internal air-tight rubber will be burnt into black spots, and the rubber and the carcass cord fabric will be peeled off.

        The above is the common sense about car tires introduced for everyone. If you have any other questions, you can call our company for telephone consultation.

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