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Motorcycle tire and measures of solving problems

2016-01-25 09:39:04 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd

  Motorcycle tyre must be regular monthly check. Put on your gloves and put them on the inside of the tire. Check to see whether there are cracks or scratches on the surface of the tire at the same time. If you find the tire surface wear is not normal, you should think of the front wheel alignment may have to repair the problem.
  1, the outer side of the tire edge and the convex and corrugated wearIf the driving direction is observed, there is a greater wear on the outer edge of the tire, indicating that the tire is often in a state of insufficient inflation, that is, the pressure is not enough. If possible, according to the "highway" standard is inflated, 3 more than the normal standard vampa. Notice underinflated tire is not conducive to the driving rain, the grip will be significantly weakened; if you find a tire on both sides of the ground part is convex and tire wear, surrounding corrugated wear, the damper, bearing and spherical vehicle coupling and other parts wear is more serious. It is recommended that you first check the wear of the suspension system and replace the worn parts before replacing the tires.
  2, the surface and the central part of the uniform wearOnce the tire tread has been worn, indicating that the tire life has been done, must be replaced. The pattern and distraction of road surface water effect, so it is important to keep the car caught. If the wear has reached the standard depth of the tire pattern, it is necessary to replace; if found in the tire ground part of the central area of serious wear and tear, which indicates that the tire is often in a state of excessive inflation. Be sure to check the accuracy of the pressure gauge, adjust the pressure, that only when the high speed or load running, it is necessary to inflate the tire.
  3, tire side crack
  Tire side cracks due to poor maintenance, or traveling on the gravel road and construction sites, so that hard objects to contact the tire, resulting in the weight of the tire inner layer damage. Action should be taken immediately, such as repair is not good to replace tires. The problem of tire processing methods include the above situations, the above situation can be compared to repair.
  4, tire wear inside
  The inside of the tire wear, the outer edge of the burr. Common to some old car suspension system is bad, so that the whole body deep down. This indicates that the tire deformation, the symmetry of the two tires have been affected. If there are conditions, the best shock absorber, spherical coupling all accessories change. However, if the cost is too high, you can consider the first professional repairman to adjust the front axle and tire angle.

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