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A method of identifying car tires

2019-01-22 15:06:59 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
        There are more and more manufacturers of automobile tires. Today, our manufacturers tell you how to choose products that satisfy you. Let is have a look.
        The production date of the car tires is very well identified. In a small block on the side wall of the tire, the date of production is marked by four digits. The latter two represent the year and the first two indicate the number of weeks.
        It should be noted that the production date of the four tires on the vehicle should be the same, and there is no difference with the time of the automobile production. If a tire is different from others, it indicates that the tire has been replaced.If all the tyres are too far away from the car, it means that all the tyres have been replaced. This should be noted when buying used cars and new cars. Some new cars have been replaced with low specification tyres at the 4S store. If you do not pay attention to your observation, you may lose money.
        The above is a small skill for you to summarize the car tire selection. I hope my introduction can help you.

Automobile tire

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