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The installation steps of automobile tires

2019-02-20 15:07:11 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
    The car tires are made of a piece of rubber, but the tire is not a whole piece of rubber, it is also assembled. The rubber on the tire wall and the rubber on the tread are also different.
    The assembly of automobile tires begins with the process of mixing rubber. By adding natural rubber or synthetic rubber to rubber for tire rubber, the mixing ratio varies from region to region. The ground rubber has sufficient elasticity and sufficient viscosity to withstand impact, while the rubber on the side is flexible and tough, and can withstand frequent bending.
    Every rubber will appear in the form of parts before assembly, just like a car door and a hood. The bottom and side are formed, and the skeleton in the radial tire is also covered by rubber and ready for parts to form 1.5 finished products.
    The skeleton, the side and the contact parts of the wheel are joined together to form the foundation, and the tread and the belt are placed on the base to complete the rubber cylinder. This process is called birth fetus. There are no tread patterns yet soft.
    When the tire passes through the vulcanization process, it will be oppressed by heat and become a tire shape. During this process, tread patterns and letters are displayed, and rubber chemicals are strongly reacted and solidified. After completion of processing and inspection, the tire is completed.

    According to the above steps, the installation of the car tire is completed. If there are any questions in this respect, we can call our company is telephone consultation. We will give you a detailed answer.

Automobile tire

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