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How to solve the problem of automobile tire?

2018-04-23 11:26:12 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
       In the process of driving, it is quite common to meet the tire drum, why does the car tire have a drum? The main ingredient of a tyre is rubber, and a car that comes into contact with the ground is four tires. They need to carry all the weight on the car, and the chance of wear is quite high.
       Tire inflation pressure of vehicle load, slow down the impact, traction and braking force these rough work, almost all is borne by the tire body fabric, and the body before the failure of representation, is tyre bulge. Tire bulge super easy, the cause of high-speed is with hard objects, have a package (internal fetus cord rupture, force binding to drop, gas from inside tire cord split jacking rubber and form). Accompanied by the drum, it is a hidden trouble.
Once you find your drum kit, don t have any illusions, you have to replace them!
       The tire of the drum, the curtain line breaks, the gas breaks through the fragile rubber (the tire) is a matter of sooner or later, like the repeated blow balloon, always will explode, the drum kit is a time bomb! The most dangerous situation is the sudden explosion of the tire, and the faster the speed, the higher the death rate. More than 160 kilometers per hour, the death rate is almost 100%.
       So how can you avoid a tyre drum?
       The first thing to say is that a flat tire with a low flat ratio is inherently easy to drum up (usually a flat tire with a flat ratio of less than 45). The flat ratio decreases, which means that the tire can cushion the external shock distance, and the tire cord is more prone to fracture. The other type of tire that is obviously problematic is that it s easy to drum up. The tyre cord of the defective tire is unevenly distributed, and the cord strength is insufficient, so it can cause the bulge. So, if your tires are bulging, notice if there is a black rubber stamp on the edge of the rim of the drum kit, if not, the big probability is that there is a problem with the quality of the tyre.
       If there is an obvious rubber stamp, then you have a problem with your driving habits. High speed through rotten stone road. Don t think it s a really cool thing to do, it s very easy to get tires, especially those urban suvs. Accidentally hit the tire killer - manhole cover. The bump of the well cover is obvious to the tyre. Cheap, non-compliant speed bumps are also easy to cause. Some speed bumps are high enough to jump off the platform.

       A lot of people think it s easy to drive on the road. However, it is similar to the experience of hitting the wall for the tires. It s not a good idea to go slowly up the road, but keep the tyres and the teeth right.

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