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Drive safely on slippery surfaces

2017-12-27 13:48:02 Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co, Ltd
       Drive safely on slippery surfaces
       1. Always hold the steering wheel with your hands and control the car better.
       2. Slow: the grip of the tire and the area of the flat area are larger in slow motion.
       3.Stay further away from other vehicles.
       4. Alert to other vehicles and dangerous situations around them. Anticipate dangerous situations and not only react passively.
       5. Before turning: slowly brake on the straightaway. Do not brake as you turn, or you can slip easily.
       6.When turning: slow down before turning, and keep at a constant speed during the turn.
       7.When turning: do not rush the steering wheel.
       8. Check the tires regularly every month: to ensure the normal tread condition and tire pressure of the tire.

       9. Choose the best tires in wet weather.

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